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Making the decision on which company to use should be based on many factors. Most people might only factor in the price of the job. In reality, the price quoted should only be part of the equation. Hire the right company with Light’em Up Electric today!

Light'em Up Electric


Light’em Up Electric is fully insured! Our insurance covers our employees and your property. No need to worry if an accident happens, we’ve got it covered. Inviting an uninsured company or handyman into your home can prove to be costly. Hire the right company with Light’em Up Electric.


Light’em Up Electric is licensed with a Master Electrician Certification through the State of Georgia, License Number EN216514. Simply put, this isn’t a hobby or an area that we kind of know what we are doing. Our employees have been doing electrical work for years and decades, and know how to properly complete any job you’re needing done. We know the right way to do the work, and know how to educate you on any issue you might be experiencing. Hire the right company with Light’em Up Electric.


Light’em Up Electric is bonded! This protects consumers from loss either by theft or damage when they hire a company to perform work. The horror stories of a contractor running away with someone’s money, or only doing half of a job contracted, is a sure sign they were not bonded. Being bonded means securities or collateral are held by the bank in the event a complaint is made regarding theft or damage. Hire the right company with Light’em Up Electric.


Light’em Up Electric employees will arrive in a standardized company uniform. Why is this important? This is not only a professional way to conduct business, and gives our company a way to set standards, but also ensures our customers they are dealing with hired full time employees. Light’em Up does not subcontract work to individuals. Our employees are certified/licensed, trained weekly, have had a background check and are drug tested. They work as full time employees and know the standards set forth by our company. Hire the right company with Light’em Up Electric.


Our technicians operate in marked company vehicles. Each vehicle is equipped with specialty tools and standard parts needed to complete jobs on scene. Light’em Up Electric purposely does not over stock their vehicles to reduce the risk of theft and the redundant rolling cost that would then be passed on to each customer. Hire the right company with Light’em Up Electric.


Each technician is certified by LEUE. You will not be hiring someone who is learning how to do it while your paying them. From time to time we will appoint an apprentice with our technicians, but each job will have a fully qualified and certified person completing the work. Apprenticeship is the best way we can pass on the knowledge our employees have gained over the years and decades they have been in the business. Hire the right company with Light’em Up Electric.


Light’em Up Electric has a home office at 105 Village Walk Dallas Georgia 30132. Why is this important? For starters it is a physical address for our company to call home. It also is a place for our employees to be evaluated and inspected, as well as our company vehicles. We conduct training, receive mail and conduct business at this location . As a consumer this is a plus because it should give a peace of mind that business is being conducted with a legitimate company. Smaller, less capable companies might list their home address or a P.O. Box as an office location. Hire the right company with Light’em Up Electric.


Light’em Up Electric has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that is given in writing. If you are not 100% satisfied with the work completed, and any concerns can’t be corrected 100% of your money will be returned. Just think about how bold of a statement that is! That’s how much we strive for excellence with every customer.

Light’em Up Electric also gives a lifetime guarantee on labor with all work completed. If ever an issue arises due to workmanship we will correct the problem free of charge. Mistakes happen with any company, we are just bold enough to pass along the peace of mind that if ever we error we correct it! It’s common practice for companies in today’s world to pretend they are perfect. We certainly strive to be, but in the off chance you discover a mistake was made simply notify us an the issue will be resolved right away. Hire the right company with Light’em Up Electric.


Light’em Up Electric is the ONLY electrical company listing prices online. Though there are many situations that simply can’t be quoted ahead of time, many can. You can know when scheduling most jobs what the price will be before hand. Every job will be evaluated upon arrival and the price will then be given in writing as well. The best example that can help explain why a price might change is: A ceiling fan is desired to be installed. Currently a light is where the fan needs to go. Once the light is taken down it is discovered that no bracing is present for a fan to be hung from. You will then be given a quote for the bracing to be added and the price of the ceiling fan install in writing before any work is completed. No one likes a “bait and switch” tactic. Light’em Up Electric believes in giving options based on the customers needs. These options will be given in writing and then the decision can be made on what work is completed then or in the future. Hire the right company with Light’em Up Electric.


Light’em Up Electric is proud to be your go to electrical company. We want you to earn the right to have you as a repeat customer. We strive to be the company you will tell your family, friends and neighbors about. We want to build a company on greatness, with outstanding craftsmanship and integrity. Hire the right company with Light’em Up Electric.

Why Choose Us?

  • We offer the best value for the fairest price.

  • We provide flat rate pricing on all jobs

  • All Employees are background checked and drug tested

  • We are locally owned and operated

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